Today …

is very changeable weather-wise – the sky is like a big bruise – patchy blue and black.

This morning we popped into town to look around a Vintage Fair and to see Classic Retro Cars (a display which proved to be non-existent). Instead we walked along the river and back through the park.  We are both still affected by this bug which has had us aching and coughing.  It’s taking a while to go.

I bought these alstroemerias in Waitrose yesterday – I’d had a parcel delivered there from John Lewis which arrived a day late.  The courier had recorded that no-one was available to take the parcel!  Hmmm …. surely there was a whole supermarket full of staff at 10am in the morning?   As compensation I was given a free Waitrose magazine and it was also an opportunity to pick up a few yummy food items from the shop.

Just now I got round to using my ancient Jones sewing machine – the first time since I had it serviced some weeks ago.

It was delightfully smooooooth to use.

The damp weather reminded me to make 2 waterproof(ish) cushions for Kizzy’s bed.  I’d bought a budget shower curtain for the purpose – £3.99.  The horizontal lines came in useful as a cutting guide.

I sewed a couple of envelope-style cushions and attempted to get a good photo of at least one of them but someone got there before I could.

A nifty little bag came with the shower curtain – so that will come in handy to hold the spare cushion cover.

Meanwhile, in the office, there’s the threatening feel of a Hitchcock movie. …. a whole flock of birds against the window blocking out the light.

I selected the “Pop Art” filter on my camera to show that they aren’t menancing at all.

I’ve just 2 strings left to thread which won’t take long … think I’ll do them NOW.

8 thoughts on “Today …”

  1. Oh, that wedding is going to be so bright and colorful. You made a LOT of cranes!
    It looks like Kizzy approves of the new cushion covers.

  2. What a delightful post. The flowers are beautiful, and although I had looked at the photos yestrday, i didn’t have the time to read what you wrote at that time. The Hitchcock movie thing was funny when I realized you were referring to the cranes. What an amazing splash of color! And Kizzy . . . well, if the dog knows what the cover is for, that’s good enough for me. What a cutie! Have a great day!

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