To say that Little Man Dancing has an obsession with vacuum cleaners would be an under-statement

We, like his parents, have a Henry Hoover (okay so it’s not technically a Hoover but …) and for Christmas, LMD had his very own mini-Henry.

He is IN LOVE with Henry – well, ALL vacuum cleaners. We have at the moment a cylinder vacuum cleaner residing here en-route from one member of the Dancing Tribe to another for when they move house – that too is “Erry” even though it doesn’t have huge eyes and a friendly face.

When dealing with “‘erry” he must be dragged around the house by his schnozzle, NOT plugged in, nor must the cable be unwound. This isn’t very energy efficient as no ACTUAL hoovering can be accomplished as ‘erry does his rounds.

LMD is photographed above with mini-Henry whilst Kizzy watches on with interest.

‘erry was made in a factory in Somerset and, as it’s the next county to ours, I think a visit might be on the cards at some point.

4 thoughts on “‘erry”

  1. So cute! I love that little ones get attached to something for a while. Then they move on to the next thing and the next. Who would have guessed a vacuum cleaner would be one of those things to love?

  2. ah cute! the concentration!
    Our little GS did just this, dragged the big hoover everywhere, so we bought him a little plastic one. Don’t think he does it now, but it is lovely to see them with their little attachments as they find things they like.
    LMD is growing up so fast S x

  3. Awww, so cute. Kids do get so fascinated by hoovers, don’t they. He obviously is very attached to it! I love your b/w photos of him.

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